How Online writing helps to make money?

Many people today tend to do online jobs. There are all sorts of jobs available online and the pay is good too. Most of the people do professional jobs online of web designing, programming and creating application software. However unlike these professional people there is a huge variety of those people who do many random jobs. One of such jobs is of online article and blog writing. You need not have any particular qualification in order to be eligible for the job. All you need to have is some good writing skills. In article writing the work is also of different types. You can write blogs, articles of specific topics, SEO articles etc. you can find all sort of online writing jobs by searching the internet. Many companies require writers and they post their ads on different sites.
There are sites like elance, freelancer, odesk etc. many people use these sites to get work too. However before using any of them, you would be asked to make an account with the sites and then there is a proper method that you will have to follow before you can get some work. You may be asked to put forward your proposal for any job that you like. You can mention the amount in dollars that you want to charge for you work. If you attach some sample work and a resume it increases the chances of your proposal being selected amongst many other proposals. If your proposal is not good enough it will be rejected by the client and you will be notified. For every proposal they charge you some amount of money. On the contrary you can always get many jobs without following these strict procedures. You can contact the clients directly if an email address or contact number is given. So this is how online writing works.