How to become a freelance writer?

Freelance writing is becoming a popular way to earn handsome amount of money by working at home. Writers living in different areas of the world want to write hundred of articles on various topics as a freelance writer. But being a writer is suitable for you? Before starting your career in this freelancing field you should keep these points in mind.
• The first point is to decide whether you want to be a writer or not. You may have financial needs and a writer may or may to earn a good amount as a full time writer. You have two option of becoming a freelance writer. One is to become a full time writer and the second is to become a part time writer. Depending on your needs decide what you want to start.
• Focus on your areas of expertise. You may be professional in Health sector or you are an economist. Start writing articles in your field.
• Search magazines and newspapers for posts of writer. In newspapers you will find hundreds of posts that are looking for writers. Write sample articles and send these on provided address. This will increase your chances of becoming a freelance writer.
• Make your own blog and start writing couple of well researched articles on one particular field. Your blog will be a starting point for your writing career. Add links to your blog for a number of employers.
• Satisfy the employers with your writing skills. Let them know how well you can write without any mistakes. The more you learn how to write, the more options you will find.
• Take courses and improve your skills being a writer. Professional courses are exciting ways to enhance your skills in any field.
• Join writing groups and take advices from these groups on a regular basis.
All these tips are useful for those who want to start a sparkling career in freelance writing field.